Gig Hustle for Extra Money

side hustle for extra money for a down payment

Are you looking for a few extra ways to make a few extra bucks?

Ha, if you said no, I know that is a crock of bs.  Everyone is looking for a way to make an extra buck or two.  It doesn’t matter if you are a high school student looking for a few dollars so that you can go out with friends or a big time investor, everyone is either trading time for a dollar or looking to invest a dollar for more dollars.

Well, I wrote this article to give you several ideas that you can do to make a few extra bucks and you don’t have to quit school or your day job to do it.

I myself use some of the strategies below to make a few extra bucks.  They have helped me pay off debt, helped me increase my retirement contributions, and have also given me a few extra drinking bucks.

Some of the side hustle strategies listed below offer a fast approach of making some money while others will take time.  Some strategies can get you paid by the end of the week and some months/years down the road.  Choose a path that you currently desire.  Are you looking for quick money to pay debt off or are you looking for other opportunities to invest a few bucks to make several?  At the end of the day, it has to fit your current situation.

Recycle used smartphones
Everyone has old smart devices just sitting around the house and collecting dust.  My friend has sold several used smartphones on Gazelle and he said it is super simple.  Now, he said they have to be in good workable shape.  You are not going to make a fortune with this strategy but it is a great way to make a few extra bucks and get rid of old stuff just sitting around the house.  Check out Gazelle.

Rent on Airbnb.
This requires space but if you have it, why not make some extra on it?  My wife and I offer our space on Airbnb and we love it.  We meet some cool people and we get paid very quickly.  You can rent out a room or your entire home.  We use to rent our 1 bedroom garden unit on a traditional lease but we wanted more flexibility using the unit during the year.  Airbnb has been great because we can pick what days/weeks you want to rent out your space.  Plus, we have doubled our return with Airbnb vs a traditional lease. You have to do a little bit more with turning over the unit but the return has been great.

Drive for Uber or Lyft.
5 out of 10 people I randomly meet are driving for Uber and/or Lyft.  It is one easy and quick way to make some money quick.  You get paid quickly and in my opinion, you get paid well.  In Chicago, some of drivers that I have had told me they make a few hundred dollars just on the weekend!  Not to bad.  The best part is, they choose when they want to work.  They simply check in on the app and start driving.

Love Dogs?  Become a part-time dog walker
If you are a dog lover, why not get paid walking? There are some pretty cool apps that give dog owners the help they need.  My wife and I use use Rover and Wag for our 4 legged family members.  Depending on the route, I know our dog walker gets paid $15 – $20 per dog plus tip.

Have muscle and a truck? Become a Dolly
On my free nights and weekends, I Dolly.  Dolly is a service where you pick up oversized items (usually items you can’t fit in a car) and deliver it to the owner.  I have delivered fridges, patio furniture, mattresses, etc.  It is great.  You can make some extra cash pretty quickly and get paid weekly.  All you need is a truck.  Find out how to become a Dolly.

Are you handy? Be a TaskRabbit
People are always looking for help around the house.  It can be as simple as taking out the trash, putting together furniture recently purchased oat IKEA, or putting up new trim in the basement.  All you need to do is register and start earning.

Acorns is a unique way that gets you saving for the near future and also for retirement.  How it works is that you link your debit/credit card up.  Whenever you purchase something, Acorn will round up and invest.  So if you bought a $3.50 latte, Acorn will take $0.50 and invest.  Basically invest your spare change.  It is a simple concept that I am sure all of us are doing and we don’t even notice.  Yep, I am talking about your change bucket.  Well, with Acorn, your change bucket now has opportunity to collect interest.  Now you are starting to give every dollar a job.

Robinhood is different from the other apps. It’s a brokerage service that doesn’t charge you to trade.  Interested in trading stocks?  This is not a bad way to start.  Just be careful, know what you are doing or you can have big potential to lose.  Robinhood is a commission free trading platform that is easy to use.

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